DFS1 Adapter Tips


  • Adapts DFS1 Digital FiberScope for inspecting virtually any fiber optic connector end-face
  • Inspects jumper cable ferrule ends
  • Inspects bulkhead-mounted equipment and patch panel connectors
  • Adapters for PC/UPC and APC polished connectors
  • Easily interchanged; no tools required


  • Use with DFS1 to inspect jumper cable connector end-faces
  • Use with DFS1 to inspect bulkhead-mounted optical connector end-faces
  • MTP/MPO adapter tip enables ribbon cable connector end-face inspection

Adapter tips are used with the DFS1 Digital FiberScope to inspect ferrule ends of jumper cables, as well as fiber ends mounted inside bulkhead adapters on the front panels of transmission equipment and in patch panels. Tips are available in a variety of lengths. Angled tips are available to inspect angle-mounted connectors or connectors with limited access space. Commonly used FC, SC, and LC adapter tips are included in DFS1 Digital FiberScope Kits. One kit supports connectors with PC or UPC polished end-faces, while another kit is geared towards connectors with angle-polished (APC) end-faces.

Adapter tips can be individually ordered to augment existing kits. Tips are available to inspect end-faces of connector ferrules, as well as connectors mounted in bulkhead adapters. A wide range of tips is supported, including FC, SC, LC, E2000, ST, MU, MTP/MPO ribbon connectors, MIL-28876, MIL-38999, MIL-29504, and others. For a complete listing, see the DFS1 Adapters datasheet.