Kaeser Cooler-dryer type TBH 14 for Kaeser Mobilair M17

The best blowing length is always obtained with clean, dry and cold high pressure air.
Generally, the blowing length will increase by 15% when using a cooler and dryer.
In hot climates, the cold and dry air will increase the blowing length even more.
Especially in hot climates, it is therefore a “must have”.
The air from the compressor can be so hot that melting damage to the duct and cable may occur.
Furthermore, the heat will cause condensation in the hose/duct if dried air is not used. This will increase the resistance in the duct and reduce the blowing length considerably.
Under optimal climate conditions you can achieve good results with a 12 volt cooler/fan (kit to M17) alone.
But if you want to be sure to always do optimal blowing, a cooler and dryer is indispensable.
This applies to all fiber and cable blowing equipment.