Fremco MiniFlow Fiberblowing Machine


• Use with Air or Water*

• Push Force Monitor

• Rugged Construction

• Flexible Adaptability

• Adjustable Torque

• Distance and Speed measurement

• Ease of Use

• Simple Maintenance

Specific Machine Data:

Typical Usage: Outside
Fiber/Cable OD: 4-12 mm
Duct Size OD: 7-20 mm
Initial Speed up to: 100 m/min (325 ft.)
Pushing Force: 0-40 kg
Blowing Distance: up to 3500 m (11485 ft.)
Rec. Airflow: 1000 Vmin (35.3 cfm)
Rec. Pressure: 8-16 bar air (120-230 psi)
Length: 650 mm
Width: 225 mm
Height:210 mm
Weight: 24 kg


Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine (Hydraulic Driven)

With this smooth and compact looking blowing machine, you can handle cables and fibers from 3-12 mm and blow them into ducts of 7-20 mm. The MiniFlow RAPID is a compact designed blowing machine that is very easy to handle and operate