Fremco MultiFlow Fiberblowing Machine


• Use with Air or Water*

• Relining or Single Cable

• Rugged Construction

• Flexible Adaptability

• Adjustable Torque

• Distance and Speed measurement

• Ease of Use

• Simple Maintenance

Specific Machine Data:

Typical Usage: Outside
Fiber/Cable OD: 5.5-32 mm
Duct Size OD: 10-63 mm
Initial Speed up to: 80 m/min (260 ft.)
Pushing Force: 0-200 kg
Blowing Distance: up to 10000 m (32810 ft.)
Rec. Airflow: 8000-10000 Vmin (282.5-423.8 cfm)
Rec. Pressure: 8-12 bar air (120-170 psi)
Length: 700 mm
Width: 230 mm
Height:350 mm
Weight: 40 kg



Relining of Microducts into Ducts (Hydraulic Driven)

Within the range of our fiber blowing machines, this is a very flexible machine.

It is built and designed for rough conditions and easy handling and operation.

The MultiFlow is especially designed for relining of multiple micro ducts, but with the cable and fiber blowing kit, it can be used and operated as all normal cable and fiber blowing machines.