Fremco NanoFlow Max Fiberblowing Machine


• Fully automatic fiber blowing machine with unique double fiber protection

• Battery-powered (independent of 110V/230V)

• Quick load of fiber and duct

• No tools needed = very easy to configure/operate/start up

• Easy to open and close by hand

• Easy load and removal of pre-connected products from the machine without cutting.

• Easy-to-read LED display (also at daylight), showing speed, distance, fiber protection and low battery information

• Can be placed in multiple positions for fiber blowing

• Lightweight but powerful

• Anodised aluminium construction

• Delivered in practical carrying case with quick guide

• Can be used with or without air

Specific Machine Data:

Typical Usage: Iniside
Fiber/Cable OD: 0.8-4.5 mm
Duct Size OD: 3-12.7mm
Initial Speed up to: 150 m/min (490 ft.)
Blowing Distance: up to 1200m (3940 ft.)
Rec. Airflow: 0-500 Vmin (0-0.17 cfm)
Rec. Pressure: 0-10 bar air (0-150 psi)
Length: 212mm
Width: 104mm
Height: 139 mm
Weight: 2.8 kg (w/o battery)



Provides easy, efficient, seamless and automatic FTTH installation