MLP4-2 Multimode Loss Test Kit with Wave ID


  • 5-Year Product Warranty
  • Encircled Flux Compliant – with optional mode conditioner
  • Auto-detect transmitted wavelength (reduces errors)
  • Test two wavelengths simultaneously (faster testing)
  • Hand-held, rugged, lightweight


  • Certify multimode links per TIA/EIA standards
  • Passive Optical Networks (PON) testing
  • Loss Measurements at 850 nm & 1300 nm

MLP4-2 from AFL is a rugged loss test kit for verifying fiber networks. Backlight display works well in both dim environments and direct sunlight. Interchangeable connector adapters provide access to common network interfaces and provide access for cleaning launch and receive ports.

OLS1-Dual LED Source is a single-port LED (850 and 1300 nm) light source designed for performing insertion loss measurements on multimode fiber optic links. Capable of transmitting highly stabilized output (single or dual wavelength) ensuring accurate test results per current TIA/EIA requirements.

OPM4 Optical Power Meter provides accurate measurements and reference storage for each calibrated wavelength.  Reference feature allows power meter to display measured loss measurements (power levels relative to the stored reference level).   OPM5 also detects multiple test tones for use in fiber identification.

Automatic Wavelength Identification Significantly Increases Efficiency

The standard Wave ID feature automatically detects and sets the receive wavelength(s), preventing setup and measurement errors (when used with AFL OLS series light sources). It significantly increases efficiency and reduces technician errors—and saves testing time—by eliminating the need to test each wavelength individually.

50 and 62.5 µm fiber mandrels Included

Mandrels condition test cable for use in certifying both 50 and 62.5 µm fiber links for current and planned high bit rate applications including Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.  Mandrels may be added to launch jumpers in seconds without tools and ensure loss measurements are performed per the TIA/EIA-568-B standard.

Encircled Flux Compliance

International standards bodies established Encircled Flux (EF) guidelines (TIA-568-14-B and IEC 61280-1-4) to improve measurement repeatability by reducing loss measurement variation to within a target range of ± 10%.

EF Mode Conditioners attach to the output of your multimode source ensuring the “conditioned output” meets Encircled Flux specifications.  Compliance requires matching the output fiber size to the network fiber under test. AFL offers both 50 µm and 62.5 µm EF Mode Conditioners.  See below for available fiber and connector combinations.