OFS300 Optical Microscope


  • Laser safety filter installed
  • 200x image size
  • 5 mm Universal Connector Included
  • Rugged, hand-held, easy-to-use
  • Tripod mount


  • Verify jumper ends are clean prior to connecting to network
  • Inspect end-faces for scratches or pits
  • Eliminate the most common network fault (bad connectors)

Designed for field use, with lab quality optics, the OFS300 inspection scope delivers a high quality end-face image at 200x magnification. Quickly identify scratches, dirt or other problems normally associated with poor network performance.

Safety: A built-in laser safety filter provides > 40 dB IR protection to reduce risk of injury to the eye if accidentally viewing an active fiber.

Standard Features Include:

  • Universal connector adapter mount accepting a variety of thread-on style adapter caps (ordered separately) to ease inspection of industry standard connector styles.
  • 5mm Universal Adapter Cap included for viewing FC, SC, ST connectors.
  • A momentary power switch located on the top panel keeps one hand free for focusing.
  • 60 hours of continuous battery life from standard 2 x AA batteries and features an LED indicator.
  • Tri-Pod mount: For stationary work, the tri-pod mount allows the OFS300 to attach to any standard camera tri-pod.